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Yup, I’ve said it! This definitely has to be my greatest defect.

I liked being in control, maybe it’s because I’m scared … who knows … psycho analyze that!

Maybe I like to toy with other peoples minds … maybe.

Humans are so easy to influence … an is up to me if I want to use this advantage in a good or bad way.

I like to profile people … I’m getting very good at it. I’m almost always right! This is turning out to be a curse for me. Especially when I don’t give good news.

I’m trying to finish a book for over 2 years now.
Mitnick Kevin – The art of deception
It’s more of a technical IT book, but it could be easily applied to the general idea.
I’ve researching into profiling (mostly criminal profiling ) for some time now.
A couple of nights ago I saw a good movie that reopened my appetite for this topic.
MindHunters … if you like a good psychological thriller, I would very much recommend it.

… probably to be continued …

Next up: Cineva ma intreba dece imi plac manelele

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