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Let’s be honest here. No one likes the ugly one. That goes for both boys and girls. Yes we’ve all heard that “what’s inside” counts. WRONG! Come on, please. Maybe this sell good with those who concider themselfs fat, ugly, rejected by society. Well, yes. Just take a look at what society conciders to be “beauty” (Miss World, Miss Venezuela, don’t know no contests for men, but you get the idea).
I saw a really desgusting movie about a girl that falls in love with a handicapped boy. Yeah right, like anyone will belive that. There are some exceptions like this in real life, but in that context either the boy is rich or the girl is really retarded.
You walked down the street, you have turned your head to look a littel longer at a girl, or a boy. How did he/she looked? Was he/she fat? was wearing glasses? had pimples? I’m sure not.
So what is all the fuss about ? I myself┬á never turned my head for a ugly girl, and definitively I won’t after a rich one. Why? ­čÖé Because that kind of girls have attitude problems. Call me carzy but that’s how I think.
And another thing that anoyes me, is the obsesion with being fat. Yes it’s important but these days it has been taken to the limit.
Take my ex for example. She had taken it so far that she was afraid of looking at food. Why? Why are them starving┬á on purpose? Some of them are ment to be fat and ugly, why can’t they live with the idea?
I knew girls that nomater how much they ate they still had a body to envy.
Almost all the good looking ones go out with rich guys. Well why shoudn’t they. If I would had been a girl I would do the same. And look on the guys side. He worked hard for the money ( well, some of us did ) why do you think he did? To have a fast car, have lots of beautiful woman sorrounding him. Let’s face it, that’s the world today. Nobody will give a sh*t if you’re broke. Nobody will look at you if you’re ugly. And if you’re poor and ugly then youre a LOSER.
All the girls these days mess up youre head about love. They all woryed that you don’t love them. ­čśÇ I’ll let you know on a little secret: these girls are hopeless, they’re insecure, they’re afraid, they will never do nothing with theyre life. They’ll end uo married to some guy, stay at home take care of the children while he get’s out, pretending to be on bussines, fool around with others, cheat on his wife, while she stays home, thinking of the days when she had fun, the days when she was liveing her life. And if he doesn’t do this to her, then he’s a loser.

All the rich guys have girls that look like models. Well they should. They all have hot looking chicks, that drain theyre bank account. Girls that spend a day, more than he does in a month. Girls that have everything they always wanted, and that others only dream about. Well ofcource, why do you think the look like that? They earned it. Once you look like that you know you have reached youre objective. You can make a man obey you. You can make him do whatever he wants. That’s true. Guys are suckers for a hot looking woman, they will do everithing she wants. And if he doesn’t, dump him. Make him look like an idiot, because that’s what he is. He has this hot girl and he doesn’t know how to keep her. Well he’s not good for you. be smart leave him. you can have every man you want.

Don’t hate me. That’s the real truh

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  1. Ee. (2 comments) on November 2nd, 2011 7:42 pm

    That’s horrible, a guide to be popular.. More like a guide to be a selfish, ignorant, B**ch.

    Reply to  Ee.
  2. Ee. (2 comments) on November 2nd, 2011 7:42 pm

    That’s horrible, a guide to be popular.. More like a guide to be a selfish, ignorant, brat.

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